This Nurse Saved my Life - Perinatal Psychiatric Services

Tuesday, October 31, 2017 - 15:38 by Jane Danforth

Today, I found out that in January, I will begin my MSc in Mental Health Nursing. I got accepted onto the course! I'm so happy, but in a very big way, this is thanks to you. My interview was yesterday and a lot of stunned faces asked me why I would leave a 10 year teaching career. I told them that I had been very poorly after the birth of my daughter and was diagnosed with PND. (Post natal depression) I said that I'd been let down repeatedly, but then a nurse came to see me. She was warm, funny and kind when I could only feel loathing for myself. I said that this nurse saved my life and I couldn't imagine doing anything now but try to share that care and compassion with someone elseĀ