Rampton Hospital Carer Feedback from March Carers Event

Tuesday, April 26, 2016 - 10:35 by nigel.groves

Feedback received   Once again thank you for a great day that was both relaxing and informative.  You do a great job and I appreciate your hard work.The mindfulness workshop was an opportunity to learn about being self-reflective and kind to ourselves, relaxing both body and mind.  I brought home some ideas and techniques that I intend to use.  A good workshop, perfectly timed.I really enjoyed the communications workshop, certainly gave me food for thought and I didn’t want it to come to an end, so looking forward to a similar workshop!   Carer Feedback from first session of Carers Recovery College Course  The course ‘ Gives me insight into information that I didn’t know about’. ‘I feel a personalized induction to Rampton is more useful to me.’I have learnt ‘ That Rampton is not as bad as what we are made to think’ ‘That there are systems and procedures in place for queries’ ‘ I have learned about this hospital and others (Medium & Low) and their differences’ . Will you do anything differently ‘Yes, I’ll be looking more into the hospital website’ ‘I will be more appreciative of how enquires need to be processed’  ‘I will communicate more with ward staff’