Rampton Involvement and Experience Report

Wednesday, November 18, 2015 - 14:37 by nigel.groves


  1. Recovery focussed activities are developing across the Hospital, and barriers impeding access to exercise overcome.
  2. IIT trained patients from all services have been involved the recruitment of 148 posts.
  3. Rosewood volunteers supported patients across Rampton Hospital to complete SUCE and Inpatient Survey.
  4. Carers event involved hospital tour of Horticulture and new Workskills area at Rampton Hospital
  5. Peaks patients can apply for single escorting for grounds access.


  1. Maintaining patient access to activities with staffing pressures.
  2. Capturing patient feedback to as to the benefits working with the Involvement team
  3. To continue to improve access to new technologies for patients.