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The full report contains ratings, issues and comments about all our services for the last quarter.

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Carers' report

This report summarises results from our most recent (2017) survey of the experience of people caring for individuals who use our services, including ratings, issues and comments from across the Trust

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You can create a report based on what information you would like to know from our feedback. You can create a report to see feedback about a particular service or on a specific issue

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All our previous quarterly reports with ratings, issues and comments can be found here.

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We are keen that the feedback that you give can be seen by other people and our staff. We are committed to being open, honest and accountable. We believe that by putting the feedback we receive online it will help us to respond in a timely, open and human way. We produce reports from all the feedback we receive.

All graphics and data analysis produced in R (, with the shiny (RStudio inc.), ggplot2 (Wickham), tm (Feinerer and Hornik), xtable (Dahl) , and plyr (Wickham) packages.