Launching our Patient and Carer Experience Review: Webex for partner organisations

Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust is embarking on a large scale review of it's patient and carer experience approach. The aims of the review are:

  1. to better understand how effectively current feedback mechanisms capture honest and detailed feedback from patients, carers and families
  2. to improve how feedback is captured, analysed, reported and used by services to deliver the best care possible
  3. to evolve our patient and carer experience approach to better suit our patients and carers, and to make sure that all feedback counts towards improving care 

Nottinghamshire Healthcare were also proud to be part of the national Patient Experience Collaborative (PEC) (2017-18), run and hosted by Northumbria Healthcare and The Patient Experience Network. During the PEC programme, many organisations identified challenges relating to how they capture feedback from those living with significant mental health conditions (particularly those who are currently quite unwell) and also from those seen in the community, often in their own homes. 

Nottinghamshire Healthcare (with the support and collaboration of organisations across the UK) will undertake the patient and carer experience review and will cultivate discussions and ideas for solving the above challenges.

This initial Webex will:

  • provide a brief on our intentions for the review and the collaborative work with partner organisations
  • encourage participants to share their challenges and make suggestions/offer best practice examples for future online and offline events
  • offer a demo from our senior analyst on our award-winning Patient/Carer Experience website, Your Feedback Matters


We are hosting an initial Webex for all organisations with an interest in improving patient and carer experience methodology, particularly those grappling with the challenge of capturing feedback from mental health service users/carers and service users in the community.

Including (but not exclusive to):

  • Notts Healthcare Regional Partners (as previously involved in initial meetings, 13/16 August)
  • All teams involved in the National Patient Experience Collaborative

DATE: Tuesday 16th October

TIME: 13:00 – 14:00

TO JOIN OUR WEBEX: Email Amy Gaskin-Williams, stating your name and the name of your organisation. (You will be sent log in/dial in details on the morning of Tuesday 16th October.)