Leave Feedback


We are keen to hear what you think about our services. Below are a number of ways in which you can leave your feedback. You can fill out a survey about the service you have received, tell us your story whether good or bad, or contact us to tell us concerns, comments, compliments or complaints.

What happens to your feedback?

We look at all the feedback we receive. All the feedback you give us from our survey, Care Opinion and PALS is pulled together into reports for each team and directorate. From these we can see how good you think different aspects of our service are, what are the key issues we need to address and what you think we do well. Each team, Directorate and Division sees the reports about them. We expect each team and Directorate to take action in response to their reports. The Trust Board checks that we are addressing the main issues raised in each area. The stories that you post on the Care Opinion website are also looked at by people in our services and responded to directly.

Some of our recent improvements