Developing care pathways with feedback

09/10/2013 by Amy Gaskin-Williams

We have been developing care pathways in mental health services since January 2013. In terms of doing this we clearly wanted to evidence the involvement and contribution of service users and carers as it is central to the process. We set up a series of events aimed at service users & carers but open to anybody to attend, the first one was launched in April with a further two in May and a final summing up event showcasing what had been done was held in July led by two volunteers from the Involvement Centre. The care pathways were drawn up by clinicians but influenced by service user & carer comments taken from all four events. A number of key themes were incorporated into all 20 pathways and included:

  • Inclusion of carer support and family issues/ needs
  • Safeguarding issues in each pathway
  • Need to standardise all pathways
  • Clear, concise with no abbreviations but not too simple
  • More recovery focused
  • Use of bullet points in the care pathways.

In response to the feedback from the events and the work the project team did with the Involvement centre a different format for the care pathways has been designed for each of the 20, this is currently being piloted within a service in the adult mental health directorate to see if it is easy to understand and whether it makes a difference in helping to explain a person’s care and treatment along the pathway.