Engaging people in planning for better community care

17/06/2016 by Amy Gaskin-Williams

In June of last year, Adult Mental Health services proposed to change their services to improve the experience for their service users and carers and to meet the financial challenges currently facing the wider NHS. Feedback from many people had indicated that they would prefer to receive care in their own homes, as long as they were well supported by appropriate clinicians who were able to provide intensive input to them and their families/carers.

To help form the plans for changing services, staff conducted a three month engagement process between June and August involving service users, carers, families, staff, commissioners and voluntary and community sector organisations.

The engagement work included meetings held in different locations around the county to discuss the rehabilitation units at Broomhill House and Heather Close, it included an online survey, paper feedback forms and conversations with staff.

Many people responded to share their views, and their comments were themed and included in a summary document presented to the Joint Overview and Scrutiny Committee who gave permission for the proposal to proceed. The plans that followed took on board the comments made by all those involved, and included a new provision in the form of a crisis house, named Haven House.

Below is the link to our ‘Have your say’ page, on which we publish details of any engagement or consultation work we’re doing for our services. You’ll find information on how you can get involved, share your views or keep up to date with how services are changing: