Family friends and Carer at the Rosewood involvement centre

03/05/2016 by nigel.groves

at the Rosewood involvement centre we have to think about how we link and work with our carers who  live out in the County North area. From a demographic point of view we have a large area to cover. The Rosewood centre links into three carer groups across our patch namely Bassetlaw, Newark and Sherwood, Mansfield Ashfield. The groups themselves are self-sustaining and membership of them have some of our involvement volunteers were carers. At the centre we have a quarterly County carers group called Rosies where we bring the three groups together. We invite strategically placed speakers who lead on carers work in the trust to come present, debate, and get feedback. We have also had over the last year the clinical commissioning groups from our local area namely Bassetlaw CCG and County s CCG.We are also involved with the family interventions team who help deliver Behavioural Family Therapy for local services. At this training for staff carers are invited in to share their lived experience which has found to be vital as part of this training package. Two of our volunteers have also completed the five full day behavioural family therapy training which of course means they have a great deal of understanding of this important work.