Ideally Ambitious

16/06/2016 by Amy Gaskin-Williams

In August 2014 we wondered what an ideal ward round or review would look like.  We set up a group of clinicians, volunteers, advocates, university staff and Trust staff to find out.  We’ve done two large pieces of research work, firstly questionnaires for staff, inpatients, discharged patients and carers to find out their experience of ward rounds.  These were completed by 97 people.

We then ran focus groups to drill down in more detail; finding best practice and what the issues are for people.

All of this work has been co-designed, with Involvement at its core.  From the idea and planning, developing and producing questionnaires, the format of focus groups as well as the analysis of all the data we’ve received. 

The group has recently put together a series of recommendations as a response to all the work we’ve done to date.  In partnership with Trust staff our next step is putting into practice.