Improving Services and Information for carers

26/06/2013 by Paul Sanguinazzi

 Over the past year Arnold Lodge has been working in partnership with families, friends and carers to improve our services and information which we provide to them.  As a result their are a number of new developments. Some of them are described below.Launch of Arnold Lodge Visitor Postcards:  these are available in reception for all visitors to complete and give feedback every time they visit the Unit, i.e. what we did well and what we can improve on. Friends and Families Newsletter:  this was launched in November 2012 following a Carers’ Survey to identify additional information and support that they would like.  In a survey in December 2012, respondents reported being either very satisfied or satisfied with the first edition of the newsletter.  The second newsletter has doubled in size and will be posted out at the beginning of May. Improvement of Visitor Information:  a comprehensive folder containing relevant information of interest to social visitors has been developed and is sent to all newly accredited visitors as well as being available in reception or by post, on request.  This pack includes information about the Trust, Arnold Lodge and individual wards; support available for carers; as well as information about visiting and security procedures.  Informal feedback from visitors has been very positive.