Better planning for discharge

26/06/2013 by Paul Sanguinazzi

Patients at the Wells Road Center raised the issue of shortening the time it takes to be discharged.  In response the service is developing clear pathway information around the different treatment needs of patient groups in regard to length of stay. Discharge care plans will be discussed at every CPA meeting.Also the service has introduced milestones of inpatient stays and more information for the patient around their care pathway. This helps patients and staff in planning someone’s overall care and engagement in treatments in a timely manner to enhance the patient experience and ensure the patient is not in  low secure services if this is no longer required.Improved joint working between the inpatient and community staff is in place to ensure patients have the minimum wait for appropriate community placements.The step down service, Prospect house, which is based in the community facilitates earlier move on into a community setting.