Patient Feedback on Thurland Ward Wells Road - Changes Made

19/07/2017 by Jane Danforth

A Patient on Thurland Ward Wells Road hospital asked for improvements to be made via Care Opinion. The requests asked for internet access on the ward, to repair the payphone and more cd’s to be stored in patient's rooms. Greg Murray, Modern Matron at The Wells Road Centre responded on Care Opinion and the changes were planned. After a month, two of the three planned changes were completed and here they are:

  • The international cyber attack has meant that IT are focused on securing the networks. We have been told that they will be completed as soon as possible.
  • The work on internal wiring has been completed on the payphone. Any further problems in future will be much easier to repair.
  • Patients are now allowed 50 CD's (previously 30) in their rooms providing they are kept in transparent storage wallets
  • To read the full story:  
  • The Wells Road Centre