Interviewing at Rampton and Involvement

03/05/2016 by nigel.groves

Interviewing in Forensics and patient panel over 150 + interviews The involvement interview team (IIT) volunteers at the Rosewood Involvement Centre  have spent a great deal of time and effort training and supporting patients at Wathwood hospital and Rampton Hospital. And to this end we have had a great outcome. Traditionally interviews at Rampton were held outside the secure area. Our patients have completed the IIT training. Now able to take part in the recruitment process of interviewing. Clinical questions are of course still asked by professionals. The IIT panels use recovery value based questions. A good example of this partnership working is around staff nurse interviews. The involvement volunteer sets up a training and development session with patients reviewing the process and working on the questions. This person then helps and supports the patient panel on the day of interviews. We did over 150 interviews in forensics over the year. Other examples of posts interviewed for our, social work managers, occupational therapists, associate directors, modern matron’s and so on. It is our hope to continue this work going forward and the next steps will be a review of the training and hopefully some chair training for patients so they can take control of the whole process.