Patients at Rampton Hospital help to draw up their local ward guidelines

16/06/2016 by Amy Gaskin-Williams

Patients on Topaz Ward at Rampton Hospital were asked at a Ward Community Meeting to complete a questionnaire about the ward setting, ward structure and routine.

The purpose of the questionnaire was to hear how the patients felt about the ward, and then incorporate their suggestions (where appropriate) and comments into the Operational Procedure and Ward Guidelines.

Patients identified a structured day, a timetable and clear boundaries as positives about the ward, and strict rules, lack of consistency and boundaries and feeling pushed to attend activities as some of the negatives.

A psychologist, assistant psychologist and the ward manager subsequently collaborated with the patients to revise the ward guidelines and procedures in light of the comments that were voiced.

This approach has received lots of very positive feedback, and as a result the same approach is being adopted as best practice in other areas of the women’s service.