Volunteer befrienders highly valued by patients at Rampton

16/06/2016 by Amy Gaskin-Williams

In March, the Volunteering team at Rampton Hospital distributed a questionnaire to patients asking for their feedback on the Volunteer Befriending Scheme.

The responses were unanimously positive, with some very poignant and touching replies from the patients about what it means to them to have a Befriender to visit.

  • “Talking about pets, eating biscuits, having a laugh and giggle.  Nice to have someone nice to talk about normal things .”
  • “I’m not a lost soul.”

We also asked Volunteer Befrienders for their comments.  These too have been universally positive:

  • “My friendships that I’ve had with the two female patients in my time as a volunteer at Rampton have been an enlightening, humbling and challenging experience, but mainly it has been fun!
  • “I spend so much time smiling during my visit, my face aches when I leave the hospital.”