Hearing Carers’ Voices

20/06/2016 by Amy Gaskin-Williams

In June 2015 the Trust launched its Annual Carers Survey during National Carers Week (8th to 14th June). 

Over 340 carers responded and of those 96 % said they would tell friends and family that the service they had contact with was helpful to carers. All the information from the survey can be seen online at feedback.nottinghamshirehealthcare.nhs.uk/content/what-are-people-saying-about-our-services. You can find information and comments about all the services where carers responded. Some of thecomments we received include:

“You could do better with explaining things e.g. meditation in a better way.” (EIP City)

“Provide support, information and advice. Provides a safe environment for cares to talk about their issues/ concerns in confidence.” (Family Intervention Service)

“The carers’ forum is very good. We get to meet other carers who's children are in a similar struggle as us. Your understanding and your ability to supply us with information which is of paramount importance. Our son is in the best possible place to get the best care for his recovery. We are well impressed with all the staff that work here.” (Wathwood)

“Staff are always friendly and happy to answer questions we have. They are prompt and if i need to call them out for any reason, are here in a timely manner. They support us to make a difference, a very worthwhile service.”(Locality 3 Carlton )

During the year we also received a range of stories from carers about their experiences of our services on the independent online feedback site, Patient Opinion. Stories about the Trust can be found here:  https://www.patientopinion.org.uk/services/rha