involvement report Woman's and DRC highlights October 2015 January 2016

Tuesday, April 26, 2016 - 10:26 by nigel.groves

Women’s and DRC Highlights –– October 2015 to January 2016·         Staff and Patients from the National High Secure Women’s Service at Rampton Hospital joined together to raise £334 for breast cancer research on “wear it pink” day on 23 October 2015. ·         Halloween Fun on 31st October – inter-ward competitions and an evening social. Increased access to Physical Activities  ·         Women’s Service patients were motivated to participate in regular physical exercise through Zumba and Rosehips Belly Dancing events. ·         25 minute high intensity workouts have been running since 1st September 2015 across the Women’s and Male PD Service every Tuesday and Friday afternoon. ·         Patients from the Emerald ICU are participating in one to exercises whilst in long term segregation. ·         Recently we have relocated the gym in the DRC to the room next to the recreation hall. This means the gym is now used more frequently by the patients as it can be accessed during social sessions. The gym has a variety of cardiovascular equipment, which includes 2 treadmills, 2 rowing machines, 1 x-trainer, 2 bikes, and 1 recumbent bike. All our staff are trained to observe patients in the gym. ·         Our astro –turf near the DRC has been upgraded to an all-weather soft play pitch. Patients enjoy playing tennis, football, badminton, volleyball, bowls, rounder’s, hockey, and netball. Recovery Highlights  Staff and patients from the DRC are currently planning a new group entitled “meaningful days”. This will allow the female patients to attend the DRC and utilise the lounge/kitchen area for the day experiencing daily living skills; cooking, cleaning, menu planning, washing, ironing, budgeting etc. Patient from Emerald ICU are increasing the amount of time they spend off the ward at DRC and social events.   Emerald ICU won first prize in the Directorate Christmas decoration competition.    Furniture Restoration GroupA small pilot project for the harder to engage patients on Topaz ward who present with low motivation, to try and provide a meaningful day especially for those who have limited occupation in terms of on and off ward activity is due to commence on Topaz Ward February 2016. Male PD Chiltern Highlights- Q4 – October 2015 to January 2016  ·         Halloween fun on 31st October 2015 – inter-ward competitions and an evening social. ·         At the request of our patient group we are developing the E block garden area into an Eco Garden which includes further development of Chiltern gardens and also E court for a conservation and wildlife area.  Cresswell at Chiltern to develop 6 weekly eco craft courses which intend to be educational around the materials used; where/how they grow, the process in readiness for craft use etc. Inter-Directorate ActivitiesThe month of December 2015 saw us introduce out first inter-directorate sports and social event. The allowed our patients the opportunity to invite peers from other Directorates to social and leisure events within a structured environment with increased staff support from both Directorates. Whilst enhancing social contact, this also serves to support the integration of both patients and staff across the whole Hospital but specifically within the male PD Services. Better Access to Psychological Treatment Groups Currently the Male PD Services psychology treatment groups are delivered in the Hospital Therapy Suite located on the main corridor. This causes some Service disruption due to the distance from the wards and escorting requirements to manage the process. On frequent occasions due to resource issues the therapy has to be relocated onto the wards. This is not a suitable environment to deliver sensitive psychological interventions and has proved traumatic for the patients on many occasions due to the difficulty in maintaining patient confidentiality. A capital planning bid has therefore been submitted to make use of an existing room space in the Chiltern day area, reconverting an underutilised space into a therapy area for individual and group psychological treatments. If the bid is successful these two rooms will be multi-functional, enabling adult family visits in the area and also serve as nursing and TED therapy spaces. Chiltern Kitchen Cookery is one of the most popular activities amongst patients within the personality disorder Directorate. Whilst staff have addressed some of this demand through the provision of 3 weekly sessions within Creswell (in addition to the Acorn education programme), it remains a challenge to meet the high level of need across the Directorate and to consistently address related needs. A paper was therefore presented and supported to set out future provision for providing meaningful structured cookery sessions in the Chiltern Day Care Services Unit which can be either nurse led, OT led or joint working to focus and engage those patients who prefer to cook for enjoyment rather than a focus on increasing tool level or education.Chiltern’s kitchen facilities will provide patients with the opportunity to learn how to master the environment by using the equipment, following recipes, instructions and methods to create healthy food.  The sessions will be facilitated in partnership with patients and assessed by the attending suitably qualified staff.