New Patient Involvement group" at The Peaks Rampton

Tuesday, May 3, 2016 - 14:47 by nigel.groves

A new patient involvement group was recently set up at The Peaks Unit (caring for people with personality disorder) within Rampton Hospital. Nigel Groves, Rosewood Involvement Centre Manager, posted a story on Patient Opinion following the first meeting of the group. 

The quotes below are taken from the story, which can be read in full on the Patient Opinion site.  

New Patient Involvement group at The Peaks, Rampton Hospital

All stakeholders met over two sessions and discussed how best they could work together to bring about a new involvement meeting for patients. Involvement meetings are run by patients and staff. Over the period of a few months attendance at the previous involvement meetings had been low and all parties wanted to come together to see how this could be improved on.

The main aim of involvement meeting is exactly what it sounds like involving patients, staff, and stakeholders in delivering the best care possible for patients....

On the first session patients were split up into three groups with volunteers from the involvement centre. Using flipcharts and pens came up with ideas about how the new group should run and the format itself and also how to increase patient numbers at the meeting....

The meeting to be patient lead and chaired by a patient who would be supported by staff.

The group were very enthusiastic about the new plans, feeding back, reviewing care, guest speakers, linking to the main hospital patients Council, and the main thing being that they take ownership of the meeting themselves.

The [group were asked the questions they] would like answered which we hope will bring about change relating to listening and responding to feedback is all of the above, so

Q1 could the group have confirmation of the date and times of the meeting

Q2 How will staff support the implementation stage of the group becoming patient lead how do they plan to support this for example the chairperson.

Q3 how can the staff, senior management including the matron support the group for example inviting guest speakers relevant.

Q4 what benefits does the peaks believe the involvement meeting will have to bring about changing lives service and culture for patients at the hospital.

The posting was responded to by Martina Griffiths (Modern Matron/Senior Nurse) and Sue Baker (Peaks Therapy Education Department) - The Peaks Unit:

"We are very excited to be relaunching our user involvement in the Peaks and working alongside the Rosewood Involvement Team. We are fortunate to have a very motivated patient group who wish to take ownership of group and they have already generated a lot of ideas which we have taken forward. The group will be chaired by two patients who have gone through a recruitment process to obtain the role and meetings will be held on a monthly basis. One of the main aims of this group will be to enchance the ongoing recovery experience for our patients and to continue to provide them with autonomy and opportunties for personal growth and development. We will continue to keep you updated on the groups progress."