Patient feedback through the eyes of our Board: Read the Patient Voice report, featuring Rampton Hospital

Monday, December 2, 2019 - 13:34 by Amy Gaskin-Williams

At every Board of Directors meeting (we currently have eight per year), a report is presented which focusses on the experience of our service users, their carers and families in one area of our services, as reported through their feedback, complaints, forums, advocacy services etc. The report is called The Patient Voice report.  The report summaries what our patients, their families and carers are telling us about the service in focus, and highlights the main issues from their perspective. A senior member of staff from the service (usually the General Manager) attends the Board meeting and is asked to report and comment on how they are addressing the issues and working with patients to improve the care they provide. Importantly, the report also quotes a sample of the many compliments and positive comments received about the service too. For October, the service in focus was our high secure hospital, Rampton. Click below to download the report. 

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