Rampton womans service

Thursday, July 30, 2015 - 15:23 by nigel.groves

 Increased cookery sessions for WS – and patients have requested more involvement in DRC Café Themed recovery events to celebrate Saint George’s day were held in Chiltern (Male PD) on 24th April and the DRC (Women’s) on 25th April. Chiltern welcomed some of Rosewood Involvement Volunteers who came to play live music and in turn to hear some music, poetry and songs delivered by some of patients which they have been working on as part of their individual Recovery projects. Patients in WS completed a unique individual recovery slab, these slabs will then be laid as a Recovery Path. Official opening was on14th July when Chief Executive. Visited (see photo on front). •Ruby Ward formed ukulele band - practice on weekly basis and propose to play at the Christmas Concert. •Emerald Ward – paint now ready to decorate  walls in ICU.  Organisation of  ‘Life Skills’ initiative underway Patients have been utilising astro turf for physical activities. •Topaz Ward –  Low Stim room revamped and team to review how  area utilised.   •Erskine Ward –  patients have completed a sponsored walk in aid of an Armed Forces charity, Care after Combat, which raised £133.00 and underway with second sponsored event - fitness test.  Painting of corridors  taken place and ward putting up pictures of aircraft Each corridor to be named after a specific type of aeroplane.  Recovery Board is complete and outer corridor to become the ‘Recovery area’ Evans Ward – marathon competition for patients and staff Prize of a football shirt went to winning patient.  •Eden Ward - Fantasy Football event, and a Wimbledon event which involving patients and staff. Recovery group will be held weekly on Newmarket community meetings