Wathwood Hospital

Thursday, July 30, 2015 - 15:06 by nigel.groves


  1. New café “The Courtyard” opening August 2015. This will allow patients to gain training and work experience whilst inpatients at Wathwood hospital. Patients are being trained in electronic point of sale, using catering equipment and how to be a barista!
  2. Interview Involvement. With the support of the Rosewood Involvement Centre Wathwood patients have interviewed for ward manager, team leader, staff nurse and care assistant posts already this year, but we are now recruiting new patient volunteers to undergo training in August to enable them to join the Interview Involvement Team.
  3. Collaborative Risk Assessment. The patients have now taught all the medical teams, Psychological services, Occupational Therapy, Social work and Education teams and this is now being rolled out to the nursing team.
  4. Patients in the Lodges have requested more access to the Internet. Unsupervised access internet access will be available in the Lodges for individuals who have been risk assessed.
  5. Patients and Carers have undertaken the PLACE audit, assessing all areas of the hospital.