Wathwood Hospital. cafe, Library, farm shop and recovery Collage

Tuesday, April 26, 2016 - 11:08 by nigel.groves

The Courtyard café – this is now well established and opening every weekend providing vocational opportunities for patients.  The café has further expanded to include monthly evening opening and these are going well.Vocational opportunities in patients Library, sports, Woody’s shop and the Farm shopPatients have reported growing in confidence and have a sense of purpose when undertaking vocational opportunities, in Patients Library and Farm Shop.Patients involved in the hospital’s Section 17 restaurant.  Ongoing opportunities for patients to undertake vocational rehabilitation as part of the restaurant. This included food prep, kitchen work, front of house and hospitality services.   Wathwood Recovery College.  Ongoing opportunities for patients and staff to continue to co-produce and co-deliver a variety of courses.Ongoing opportunities for patients to attend courses as part of their recovery. The local recovery college steering group meets on a monthly basis. A City and Guilds training course has been facilitated for 6 patients and staff, enabling them to facilitate and develop Recovery College courses