Did you know the Trust uses social media to listen to you?

We're really keen on social media at Nottinghamshire Healthcare. We don't pretend to be experts, but we are jumping in with both feet and learning as we go.We use social media in all sorts of way, and for all sorts of purposes. We share a lot of information via social media, which means that we 'talk' a lot, but we're equally as keen to listen to you.  For the social media savvy, below is a list of our accounts. You can find us, follow us and we hope you'll engage with us too. 

For those who are a little newer to social media, a good place to start is Twitter because we link to most of our other accounts from there. If you click on the Twitter link/s above, it’ll show you what we’ve been sharing. Twitter is fast paced, and we tweet most working days, so it’ll update very quickly.  We are in the process of making short instructional videos (screencasts) which should help to explain why and how we use social media as an organisation. We'll add these to our vimeo account (see above) once they're finished. Stay tuned!  

  • Are we missing something?
  • Do you think we could do more, or do better, on social media?

 If you have any good ideas for us, we'd love to hear them. You know where to find us now, let us know! For more information, see Nottinghamshire Healthcare's social media page