Wathwood's Patient Feedback Challenge report

Read Wathwood Hospital's Patient Feedback Challange report to learn how they capture, share and act on feedback - and how they're involving service users and carers to help improve their services. Nottinghamshire Healthcare were proud to be a winning demonstration site in the National Patient Feedback Challenge, funded by the NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement. The challenge aimed to spread good practice in patient experience as widely as possible, both within the winning organisations and to other parts of the NHS.Nottinghamshire Healthcare focussed on ten service teams, who we wanted to support to become beacons of good practice across the Trust. All ten teams had to demonstrate that they were excellent at:

  1. Capturing feedback from patients, service users, families and carers
  2. Sharing the feedback with their full staff team
  3. Responding to and acting on their feedback
  4. Sharing what they have done as a result of feedback

Wathwood Hospital, a medium secure psychiatric unit just north of Rotherham, participated in the first wave of teams in the Patient Feedback Challenge. They were already noted for their exemplary approaches to learning from people's experiences, so they had a lot to share with other teams.Wathwood produced this fantastic report (click below to download) which details how they approached the Patient Feedback Challenge, what they did during the 6 months the challenge ran and how they are sustaining the activity.

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