Addressing gaps in care in Adult Mental Health Services in the community

04/04/2016 by Amy Gaskin-Williams


A husband recently posted a story on Patient Opinion sharing his concerns about a lack of support for his wife, who's mental health had recently deteriorated. The quotes below are taken from the story, which can be read in full on the Patient Opinion site.  

Concerns about lack of CPN for my wife

“I requested for a CPN to be allocated to my wife, as her mental health has deteriorated over the last few weeks. I assist her sometimes taking her medication and cooking meals, also we have JRH Support [private company] who assist my wife in bathing, helping with the housework, doing some social inclusion, helping her with the anxiety exercises given to her by the OT team and taking her out sometimes. Because of this we were told that she would not be entitled to a CPN… I have sent my wife's psychiatrist an email and my care support has also sent one. JRH and myself are not qualified in mental health. It is hard to believe that this is not going happen…She has mentioned to me about taking her own life."

Tracey Taylor, Service Manager for Community Mental Health services in the south, responded requesting that the carer contacted her to discuss his wife’s circumstances. The carer contacted the manager of the appropriate team, and arrangements were made for additional support to be provided. The carer has since expressed that he is now satisfied with the care his wife is receiving. 

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