County Crisis Team respond to feedback on Patient Opinion

23/05/2016 by Amy Gaskin-Williams


A posting published on Patient Opinion which shared a negative experience with the crisis service, where the author explained “I felt in a deeper crisis than before the conversation and I felt that I had been pushed into disclosing information I wasn't ready to share with a professional I did not have a trusting relationship with.”

The posting can be read in full on the Patient Opinion website. 

Ruth Gadd, Acting Service Manager for the City Crisis Team, responded to say “I am disappointed to hear that there wasn't a member of staff to take your call and that you had to wait to be called back. Although handovers are important there should be someone dessignated to answer calls as often waiting for a return call can add to the person's distress.

It sounds like the member of staff who called you back didn't explore your distress in a sensitive manner and instead addressed this has being a problem as opposed to how they could best support you, in a what sounds to have been a very distressing experience for you, I can understand how this made you feel worse and as you describe feelings of being judged and degraded.

I am so sorry you had to experience this negative and unhelpful support from the Crisis Team, I can imagine that this was a shock, particularly when you have found the team supportive and useful in the past. I welcome and value all feedback and will ensure this is discussed with the team involved, with a focus on ways of improving communication, availabilty and approach.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you should wish to discuss this further, or if there is any other way I could be of help, my contact details are below and once again thank you for posting your opinion.”

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