Highbury Hospital Improving Standards and Communication

15/01/2016 by Jane Danforth

A patient left feedback on Patient Opinion describing Highbury as awful and not feeling safe. The patient said they found Healthcare Assistants to be much more understanding and caring than most nursing staff.Here are the changes due to this feedback.Ward Rowan 2 made improvements by having regular team meetings which embody complaints. They are used to reflect and improve on their service.All staff have regular clincial supervison on a monthly basis from a senior member of the team. Regular audits take place.The matron has worked with the team to look at various standards and improve communication through the team.They has also been a lot of work on recruitment in recent months .Rowan 2 is planning to have an away day in the Spring to continue to enhance their practice and team working.Read the full story : https://www.patientopinion.org.uk/opinions/228313