How we respond to feedback in ADULT MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES MAY 2017

12/06/2017 by Jane Danforth

  Local Partnerships ADULT MENTAL HEALTH Services  provide acute and rehabilitation inpatient services, crisis teams and community services across Nottinghamshire and Bassetlaw.There are seven acute admission wards and two psychiatric intensive care units (PICU) at sites at Highbury Hospital, Millbrook MHU and Bassetlaw Hospital. Four Crisis Resolution and Home Treatment (CRHT) teams provide urgent support and home treatment to prevent hospital admission. The acute pathway also includes Street Triage, 111 and Bed management. Open inpatient rehabilitation is provided from an 18 bedded unit at Thorneywood Mount and a locked 18 bedded rehabilitation unit at Bracken house in Mansfield. A range of community teams support the majority of service users at home. These are currently being remodelled into local mental health teams which will provide local access points for GP’s and deliver assessment and a range of treatment pathways.           Documents & downloads  Board of Directors - Involvement Experience and Volunteering report (May) FINAL.pdf