Arnold Lodge patients adopt part of the local canal towpath and local parkland!

16/06/2016 by Amy Gaskin-Williams

Arnold Lodge medium secure unit in Leicester has a well-established workskills project, which helps patients develop useful skills and experiences with the aim of preparing them for work once discharged.

As a part of this project and in response to requests made by patients for more opportunities to integrate with the local community in Leicester, patients have recently adopted a section of the local canal towpath at Cossington Locks with the Canal and River Trust and also an area of local parkland in partnership with the City Council Parks Department.

Patients will be responsible for maintaining both on a monthly basis, including painting the locks and clearing the canal, while working alongside community volunteers.

This project aims to break down stigma surrounding the unit, and build relationships with the local community, as well as encouraging patients to make a meaningful contribution to their local area.