Service Users tell their stories helping to provide valuable feedback to support changes to Services.

09/09/2014 by Ann Incerti

The One Door, Many Pathways Project is the Trust's 5-year strategy for children, young people and families. The Trust is absolutely committed to the full involvement and participation of children, young people and their families. This work is ongoing and we are in the process of collecting feedback from Service Users and their families and carers. CAMHS and Perinatal Service Users have been asked to help support this work below is a paragraph from a Service Users story.

"I cannot put into words how wonderful the staff at the Mother and Baby Unit were with me; their experience and empathy meant that I received the superb care and treatment that I needed. The time that I spent on the unit was certainly a journey, but I made a FULL recovery and it didn't take long! In fact, going through such a tough and challenging time has made me happier and stronger than ever. I understand how it feels to think you'll never get better, but whilst I was living on the ward I witnessed many women coming and going and they all made a full recovery - the nurses told me everyone gets better and they were right!"

The stories and comments people have provided will help inform changes.