Safe Space for patients at The Wells Road Centre

20/06/2016 by Amy Gaskin-Williams

Every year, The Wells Road Centre hold an event called the Safe Space event, which aims to bring staff together with patients and families to work through issues and improve the service collaboratively. 

This year's event took place on 30th September. There were 7 tables set up with subjects chosen by patients from across the hospital including one to look at random issues raised on the day itself.  The event had an Indian theme with a Bhangra band and Indian food served which were decided upon through the patients activity committee.  

All but nine of the patients attended, as well as staff, families, carers and advocacy services. 


Summary of main issues raised

The following headings are a summary of the main points taken from the 68 point action plan generated.


Use of Leave

This included the following areas:

1.    Improve resource planning arrangements for section 17 leave. Patients expressed feeling disappointed when leave was cancelled and then re arranged

2.    Clarity on the expectations and therapeutic goal planning/attainment through the stages of leave

3.    An extra minibus to widen the ability to get to venues and exploration of parking options when attending physical health appointments. 


Actions Included: Leave planner completed every Sunday to plan for the week ahead, All wards have agreed a process of  informing individual patients around the expectations and goal setting required to progress through the stages of sec 17 leave, We have an extra minibus.


Getting the best from ward Rounds

1.         Patients should be given the choice of attending the whole ward round including the summaries of Professionals.

2.         Patients should be asked for consent for students and other non-core team members to be present. 

3.         Ensure that RC’s offer a clinic outside of the Ward Round time so that patients are more able to develop a relationship.

4.         Make sure schedules run on time. 

Actions Included: Procedures agreed by teams.  RC’s offer clinics outside of ward rounds and an audit of schedules to take place soon through the Releasing time to care system. 


Use of Technology:

1.         Increase access to the internet both on and off ward, for general everyday things like shopping, managing finances, looking at hobbies/areas of interest, downloading music etc.

2.         Access to newly released games consoles such as Playstation 4 and Xbox1.

Actions Included: We are currently in discussion with Stephen Bates (Security and Compliance Manager IT) as to how we can implement changes. 


Equality and Diversity provision at WRC:

1.         We need to have more religious activity in general – celebrate festivals, have people from different faiths coming in to talk, fund raising, choir

2.         Consideration to be given for those who access cultural products and need to travel further then leave allows  to get them

3.         Opportunity to discuss political issues

4.         It would be useful if bank staff were given training and interaction skills for people with mental illness.

Actions Included:  Managers have met with the new head of pastoral care for the division, strategy review took place to include better links with the community, more celebration of festivals and clear referral process.  Current affairs groups run as part of ward structured days.  Mental Health awareness now included as part of the bank induction to the centre. 


Lifestyle opportunities that can be continued from hospital into the community:

1.         Establish a Job Club

2.         Increase opportunities for patients to engage in productive activity on site.

3.         Promote existing opportunities for patients to take on voluntary roles in the community

Actions Included:  Job Club restarted in March 16. Patients have been involved in group proposal. We have a service level agreement i.e fast track referral arrangement with Remploy.


Collaborative risk assessment:

1.         Review of ‘Let’s Talk About Risk’; HCR20(V3) Patient workshops

2.         Keyworker sessions with patients using guide to HCR20(V3)

3.         Easy Read HCR20(V3) to beDeveloped

Actions Included: Easy read HCR20 currently being piloted on Lister ward.  Other actions achieved but require continued underpinning in team meetings.