How are our Community Nursing teams in Mansfield and Ashfield responding to patient feedback?

04/04/2016 by Amy Gaskin-Williams

In our most recent report for the Board, we have included an update on how our Community Nursing teams in Mansfield and Ashfield have responded to the patient feedback presented in the report which focussed on them in December 2015.  Below are the three main issues presented in the report in December, and some detail on what the teams have since done as a response: 

  • An issue was raised within a complaint relating to delays in the provision of equipment. There was a misinterpretation of the final response letter, which resulted in the complainant being unhappy. As part of the initial contact, and acknowledgement of a complaint, all complainants are now advised of the opportunity to attend a resolution meeting either prior to the provision of the final response letter or if they are unhappy with the final response letter once they have received it. The purpose of the meeting is to enable the complainant/patient to discuss with the clinical lead the outcome of the investigation – this ensures the patient receives the appropriate context of the division’s response and also enables them to ask clarification questions were required. These resolution meetings have proved extremely successful and have been well received by complainants.


  • A family felt that they were not involved in a patient’s care and that communication had been poor.Communication books to be utilised for those family members wishing to be involved in their loved ones care but are unable to be present during visits. These communication books enable an easy reference for families and allow for two way communications and written responses to questions to be available to all the family who visit. We have also, where appropriate, arranged review meetings with family members at dates and times suitable to the family and clinical workload. The communication books have proved successful. They are not intended to operate instead of telephone communication with absent families. However, often families prefer something to read.


  • A family felt that information relating to safeguarding had not been discussed. This had been discussed with the family member but had not been documented.All Community Nursing staff in Mansfield & Ashfield to ensure they are up to date with Mental Capacity Act and safeguard training and to ensure clear documentation.We have also worked with teams to ensure they understand the role of safeguarding reporting, and that they are clear on how safeguarding issues and reporting should be discussed with families.