PLACE audits at John Eastwood Hospice lead to improvements

19/07/2013 by Amy Gaskin-Williams

John Eastwood Hospice has recently completed a PLACE (Patient Led Assessment of the Care Environment) assessment, looking at quality of service and environment provided at the hospice. One of the volunteers involved said ‘I have been volunteering with the Hospice for some time, but never had the chance to see the ‘inner workings’ of it. It’s been really good to have us come in as an independent person, seeing it with different eyes.’

Some of the things changed as a result of the assessment include:

  • Agreement with the contractors that ventilation grills are cleaned more frequently
  • The team is planning to have digital locks put on patient’s bedside cabinets, for added personal security
  • The hospice roof is being replaced

Volunteers are keen to be involved in other quality assessments.