Teenagers in care given more opportunity for confidential time with nurses

09/10/2013 by Amy Gaskin-Williams

User feedback from teenagers in care indicated that they preferred to be seen by the clinical nurse specialists for their review health assessments either in their foster homes or in the residential units where they are living, rather than being seen in NHS premises, and wished to have the opportunity to be seen for some part of the health assessment alone.The service now offers this as an option when planning / sending out invitations for health assessments. Young people are also given the opportunity to be seen alone when seen by the nurses to give them the opportunity to share / discuss issues confidentially (within the parameters of safeguarding).The service is currently working with the Children in Care Councils in both the city and the county to develop a leaflet that reflects the hopes and expectations of young people in care with regard to their health and how the team can support promoting their health and emotional well being.