Seasoning on food (Woodlands)

02/03/2015 by Chris Beeley

Numerous comments on the low seasoning of the food at the Woodlands:

"Why is there no salt or pepper in the food we are served at the Woodlands?"
"The food tastes under seasoned. Why is this?"
"More variety of food on the menu needed. More salt required"
"Alternatives to the main menu, we want more choice"
"Improve the food! Its bland"

"We always try to respond to individuals as to the reasons why we serve low seasoned food as the subject arises from time to time. We’ve decided to go a step further and construct a nutrition board in the dining room for you all to look at. Hopefully you will understand the reasoning behind low seasoned food here at the Woodlands.

One patient said 'You can put salt and pepper in to food but you can’t take it out of food'"