How are Wathwood Hospital responding to patient and carer feedback?

23/05/2016 by Amy Gaskin-Williams

In the Patient Voice report for the Board in January, we identified six issues patients, families and carers had highlighted in feedback over the previous six months. We always provide an update in the Board report three months later on the actions the service have taken since to address the issues raised.

The issues, and action taken, are detailed below -


Patients’ progress, access to community leave and discharge is informed by thorough clinical risk assessment via ward rounds and planned CPA (Care Programme Approach) meetings.

Further consultation with the patients regarding this issue is planned. This will be via the Patient Forum and the hospital Advocacy service.

Update: Advocacy are raising this issue within ward community meetings and compiling feedback from the patients which will be reviewed once feedback from all wards has been obtained. The monthly drop in Matron clinics continue across on all wards. These drop in sessions are run with advocacy and patients are encouraged to discuss and raise issues relating to their care; the issue of discharge/length of stay within hospital has been discussed within these meetings. 


There are now weekly and monthly magazine subscriptions in the library. Increased number of CDs allowed in patients’ rooms on Continuing Care ward as requested.

Update: This was reviewed and agreed within Wathwood Procedure Review Group.


In both complaint investigations, it was difficult to establish the extent of the missing property, or its location. No issues were upheld in relation to the safety of personal property while at Wathwood. No further action necessary

Update: No further update required.


Football is now offered by the Sports Team, Themed events now take place every month, A schedule of film nights is now planned on the calendar. New groups are now offered as part of the weekly programme, including a walking group, Breakfast Club, a horticulture group and a Motivating Monday exercise group. There is also now a weekly DJ workshop (as well as music production equipment) and a drama group.

Update: Themed events as per the annual planner continue to be organised and well attended by patients; recent events have included World Religion Day, a Caribbean Night and Easter. There continues to be a comprehensive programme of activities offered to all patients which includes evenings and weekends.


All patients have been informed that quiet rooms/alternative spaces are available for visits if they wish. They can request this via their ward manager/nursing staff.

Update: No further update required.


An independent phone line is needed to enable the Lodges to connect to the internet. A feasibility study is currently underway to establish costs etc. Policy has been amended to enable patients who have been risk assessed in The Lodges unsupervised internet access. In the meantime patients can continue to access the internet via the patients’ library.

Update: An internet connection was feasible and has been installed within the Lodges along with a computer, other equipment and software as appropriate. Karen Ward, ward manager, is overseeing the implementation of internet use within the Lodges.